Hypnotherapy Clinical hypnotherapy is the skill of using the “tool” of hypnosis to change unwanted habits, behaviors and emotions at a subconscious level in the mind.

Hypnotherapists that utilize hypnotism have been able to help many people with psychological problems where many other therapies like counseling, psychotherapy and other modern day medicines have failed.

Quays Clinic can help people to overcome many different problems:

  • Addictions – stop smoking, drug addiction, food addiction and gambling addiction.
  • Weight problems – anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, comfort eating, help with weight loss and weight control.
  • Fears and phobias – fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of failure, fear of flying and the fear of dying.
  • Confidence building – treating interview anxiety, increasing self-confidence in relationships and building self-confidence.
  • Sexual problems – male and female sexual dysfunction, sexual disorders as well as increasing sex drive.
  • Stress management – treating workplace stress, relationship stress, marriage stress, family stress and financial stress.
  • Anxiety treatment – public speaking anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, anxiety disorders and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

A skilled hypnotherapist can help people with most everyday problems in in just a few sessions. As the modern day techniques improve it is possible to help someone with issues like that of quitting smoking in one or two session.

Although hypnotism is now widely used in the healthcare industry many scientists still find it difficult to accept that clinical hypnotherapy produces absolutely amazing results for many people.

Hypnotherapy Directory

Its crucial when advertising your hypnotherapy business to take out a hypnotherapy directory listing. A well written listing of your business with images and a video will help potential clients to make an informed choice to ensure that you are the right hypnotherapist to help them.

A hypnotherapy directory will attract more search traffic than a single therapists website. Google, Bing and Yahoo also give allot more traffic to a hypnotherapy directory because it offers a good user experience.

Many hypnotherapy directories are very affordable and over the period of a year your subscription will give you back a greater financial return than your initial investment.

So why not invest in Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy directory

Hypnotherapy For Smoking

Does hypnotherapy for smoking work? You bet it does. Quays Clinic in North Shields has helped many people to quit smoking. If you have tried many of the other stop smoking products like nicotine patches, nicotine inhalers and electronic cigarettes and failed to give up smoking, hypnotherapy for smoking could be just the ticket to help you to quit for good.

Get help with quitting smoking by contacting Quays Clinic today.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to lose weight. Combined with a little bit of determination, healthy eating and regular exercise you will discover just how easy hypnotherapy for weight loss can be.

Hypnotherapist Ian Smith at Quays Clinic has helped many of his clients to successfully overcome weight loss problems like, binge eating, comfort eating and weight issues that cause bulimia and anorexia.

Hypnotherapy For Stress Management

If you suffer from chronic stress and anxiety do not suffer in silence. Consider using hypnotherapy for stress management. If you allow stress at work or relationship stress to continue, in many cases the symptoms of stress can lead to symptoms of depression.

Many people who have used hypnotherapy for stress management are absolutely astonished at just how easy it is to eliminate their stress. If you are looking to find a hypnotherapist who can help you with hypnotherapy for stress management, contact clinical hypnotherapist Ian Smith at Quays Clinic.


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a phenomenon that happens naturally when a person is totally focusing or concentrating on something. Its a daydreaming state of mind where as person is in what is considered to be a trance.

A person is capable of doing everything that they normally do consciously in hypnosis. The difference being when in the trance like state everything is done in “autopilot” without the need to think about anything.

We all know what its like when we are driving a car and we go in to hypnosis and miss a turn at a junction or arrive at our destination without being able to remember much of the journey.

Hypnosis is used in hypnotherapy as a “tool” to by-pass the analyzing part of the mind to gain access to the subconscious mind where all of our habits, behaviors and emotions are stored. This is when hypnotherapy is used to eliminate the bad habits and unwanted emotions or behaviors.

Hypnosis is Not Sleep

Hypnosis has nothing to do with being asleep. A person in hypnosis is actually in a heightened state of awareness which amplifies all of their senses.

We sometimes see a very deep state of hypnosis happening when a family member is “sleepwalking”. They are not actually asleep but seem to be carrying out different tasks (safely) totally oblivious to their surroundings (which also includes other people). They have their eyes open and seem to others to be in a trance.

Hypnotherapy Anxiety

Hypnotherapy is amazing for treating many different forms of anxiety:

  • Anxiety disorders.
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Panic attacks.
  • Generalized anxiety disorders (G.A.D).
  • Chronic anxiety.
  • Stress and anxiety.

If you need help with anxiety treatment contact Quays Clinic. Hypnotherapist Ian Smith has helped many people with many different forms of anxiety. Even if you are not sure if Ian Smith will be able to help you with your symptoms of anxiety, just give him a call and he will be able to give you further help, advice or information.

Hypnotherapy For Performance Anxiety

Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective for overcoming performance anxiety. There are many different areas in a person’s life where there is a need to overcome performance anxiety. An example of this would be in the workplace where someone has to give a speech to work colleagues.

The thought of having to do so for many people can trigger off the “fight or flight” response where they will avoid speaking in public at all costs.

Performance anxiety is more commonly seen on television in programs like the X Factor where many of the contestants are not used to performing in front of other people. The symptoms of the anxiety are there for all to see.

You will see the contestants shaking uncontrollably, finding it hard to speak or forgetting the words of the song that they are singing.

Is Hypnotherapy Regulated?

Hypnotherapy is not yet regulated in the UK. There have been recommendations made by the House of Lords in to the possibility of self-regulation in the hypnotherapy profession. This process was overseen by The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health.

The Prince’s Foundation supported the endeavors of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council who have been involved in discussions with the U.K.C.H.O and W.G.H.R.

It has to be also said that many professional hypnotherapists in the UK do not see themselves as being “complementary therapists”.

UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy (U.K.C.H.O)

The main focus of U.K.C.H.O, is the regulation of the hypnotherapy profession. The U.K.C.H.O is a non profit umbrella body for the main hypnotherapy organizations. U.K.C.H.O represents at least nine of the main hypnotherapy organizations. Some of the main things that they would like to maintain are regulated standards of training and codes of conduct.

U.K.C.H.O website has a list of registered hypnotherapists. Unfortunately In the U K a few of the main organizations just don’t agree on many aspects of regulating the profession.

One thing that they all do agree with is the importance of seeking to protect the public and maintain professional standards.

Hypnotherapy For Phobias

Hypnotherapy is becoming more frequently used for treating phobias. Ericksonian hypnotherapy has proved incredibly effective in eliminating social phobias.

By using conversational language it helps the subconscious mind to view the fear in a totally different way. In neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) there is also the “fast phobia release” which utilizes visual imagery to release the fear.

Hypnotherapy For Jealousy In Relationships

When is comes to feelings of jealousy a person has to look at their own past to discover the initial sensitizing events which have triggered off the jealousy feelings. Most people that have tendencies to become jealous tend to have little to no confidence in themselves.

Two of the main reasons that a person becomes jealous in a relationship are:

  1. Having been let down or betrayed in an earlier relationship by a previous partner.
  2. Where there has been problems with forming relationships with the opposite sex as a child. When the person later enters in to serious relationship and the fear of losing their partner starts, this is where jealousy problems begin.

How Does Jealousy Manifest Itself?

Jealousy manifests itself in an adult when the person is entering in to a similar situation as the recorded trauma of the past. The subconscious mind remembers the incident and kicks in to survival mode in the person’s current relationship, which causes stress and anxiety.

The only way that a person finds it possible to overcome the stress is by becoming very possessive of their partner.

A few examples of these actions would be:

  • Constantly asking the partner where they have been and who have they been with.
  • Habitually checking their partners text messages and phone calls.
  • Following their partner in secret.
  • Constantly asking friends and family about what their partner has been doing.
  • Being instantly aggressive towards people of the same sex as themselves who are in close proximity to their partner.
  • It is also quite common in females to smell their partners cloths for unfamiliar fragrances.

How To Overcome Jealousy

By using the “tool” of hypnosis to gain access to the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy can then be used to eliminate the initial traumatic sensitizing events of the past. When this happens the feelings of jealousy are also eliminated in a person’s current relationship.

Its also very important to then for a hypnotherapist to help the person to boost their own self-confidence.

Hypnotherapy For Childbirth

Hypnotherapy for childbirth is becoming more widely used for childbirth. Many women want to give birth as natural as possible without the use of drugs for pain management. Prior to giving birth a woman can be trained to use effective self-hypnosis to totally eliminate the pain when giving birth.

This is commonly known as hypnobirthing.

Hypnotherapy For Confidence

Hypnotherapy for confidence building is incredibly successful. A skilled hypnotherapist will be able to help you to build your self-confidence for a wide range of different issues.

Maybe you just need some confidence to stand up to someone who has been bullying you at work, or perhaps you need a confidence boost to ask your boss for a pay rise, or just to be able to be self-confident to ask someone to go on a date with you.

Whatever the case may be hypnotherapy for confidence is wonderful for improving an individual’s personal development.

Hypnotherapy For Tinnitus

Hypnotherapy does work very well for tinnitus. Many sufferers of tinnitus discover when they use hypnotherapy for tinnitus the phantom sounds and noise levels can be turned down to a manageable level. In many cases hypnotherapy for tinnitus can actually eliminate the tinnitus all together.

Hypnotherapy for tinnitus is a specialist subject for hypnotherapists.

I know when I personally did my hypnotherapy for tinnitus training many years ago with Kevin Hogan in London, I quickly discovered that there was an incredible amount of information to learn.

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