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Hypnosis In Newcastle upon Tyne

Hypnosis In Newcastle upon TyneAre you looking to find hypnosis in Newcastle upon Tyne?. Quays Clinic can help you. What is self-hypnosis?. Self-hypnosis is a very natural mindset with physiological characteristics which resembles sleep.

When a person finds themselves in the natural state of hypnosis there is an increased level of mental awareness which amplifies a persons sensory awareness (what they feel, see, hear, taste and smell). Another description of the phenomenon is that of a modified state of mind, while another links hypnotism to imaginative role-enactment. Hypnosis is nothing to fear at all. Anything that causes a person to concentrate or focus on doing something naturally allows hypnosis to take place.

All Hypnosis Is Just Self-Hypnosis

An individual in this particular natural state of mind is said to have increased focus and concentration with the ability to concentrate intensely on a specific idea or memory. All hypnosis is just self-hypnosis. Hypnotism has been used for many centuries for healing purposes and pain relief. There are many myths of hypnosis and about the effects of hypnosis. The phenomenon is on a regular basis used by magicians in magic shows or professional stage hypnotists for entertainment.

Where Did The Word Hypnosis Emerge From?

The term hypnosis originates from the Greek word hypnos, “rest”. The words hypnosis and hypnotism both come from the term neuro-hypnotism (worried sleep) coined by Scottish surgeon James Braid around 1841. Braid based his practice on that developed by Franz Mesmer and his fans (Mesmerism or animal magnetism), however varied in his theory about exactly how the treatment worked.

Being In Hypnosis Is Not The Same As Being Asleep

There is a belief that the phenomenon is a sort of unconsciousness appearing like sleep, however modern study suggests that hypnotic subjects are totally awake and fully familiar with happening around them.

Learn Efficient Ways To Hypnotize

If you are planning to learn the best way to hypnotize watch as many videos on the subject as you can find or look out for a hypnosis provider like Ian Smith at Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy in North Shields.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is just the skill of making use of the tool of hypnosis to change unwanted habits, behaviors and emotions at a subconscious level in the mind. Hypnotherapy incorporates many different aspects of psychotherapy, counseling and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Clinical hypnotherapy is fantastic for weight reduction. Normally when someone is wanting to slim down they attempt to change their overeating habits that are related to gaining weight at a conscious level. Unfortunately that’s not where the weight problems are recorded. The problems connected with weight gain are recorded at a subconscious level.

This is why trance is used to by-pass the analyzing mind to get to the bad habits which are causing the weight problem. The bad habits are then changed to positive ways of losing weight naturally using clinical hypnotherapy. The same principles are used when someone plans to stop smoking or overcome stress.

Hypnosis In Newcastle upon Tyne

If you are wanting to find hypnotherapy in Newcastle upon Tyne, look no further than clinical hypnotherapist Ian Smith. Hypnotist Ian Smith has years of professional experience in the hypnotherapy business. Ian Smith at Quays Clinic of Hypnotherapy in North Shields is only a call away.

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